NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 16 Season 3: Blye, K. (Part 1)

The arrest of Kensi for the murder of her father's former associate leaves the NCIS team astounded and scrambling to prove her innocence.

Episode Recap:

Deeks and Kensi are in the boatshed fooling around when Granger calls them to the interrogation room. He tells Kensi that she can sit down and that Deeks can go. Deeks watches as Granger sits down with Kensi. Meanwhile, Callen and Sam go up to Eric and ask where Granger is. Deeks comes up and tells that Granger is about to go crazy on Kensi.

Okay, Granger is acting like he's about to go medieval on Kensi in the boatshed.

Hetty calls the agents in her office and Nell fills them in to what is going on. David Blake, a retired serviceman, was killed in a car crash. She says that Blake was a spotter for Kensi's father. Eric finds out that Kensi comes from a line of snipers. Hetty says that Kensi has everything to do with this because she was the last person to be in contact with David Blake. That is why Granger is with Kensi now.

Meanwhile, Kensi talks to Granger about the fact that her father was a hero and says that she was in Hawaii to track Blake down. However, he didn't want anything to do with her. Granger says that Blake died in a car accident and if she had anything to do with it, she is going to be in trouble.

Again, my father belonged to a sniper training unit at Camp Lejeune. David Blake was his spotter and good friend. I went to see him because I wanted answers about my father's death.

The agents look up information on the team that was with Kensi's father. Jay Fisher is the only one alive. It appears that Kensi only joined NCIS to get information to track down her fathers' killer. The agents accuse Granger of running a secret investigation behind them. Hetty talks to Granger and tells him that he should of came to her first before interrogating Kensi. She says that she won't forget it. Sam and Callen get to the car that was involved in the car accident. Callen says that it is possible that Blake came to take Kensi out, but it looks like someone took him out first. They find that this was murder and Kensi is officially a murder suspect. Sam says that is only if they tell Granger.

Later, Granger talks to Kensi and she says that her father was a hero and that she would do anything besides murder.

My dad was an honorable man, and the last thing I would do is dishonor his memory by becoming a killer.

Granger says that Kensi's father wasn't the real American hero as she thinks. Hetty tells Deeks to hit the streets and she will take care of Kensi. Sam and Callen go to Eric and he is finding to get the phone list. Nell finds that Blake called Fisher and says that they have an address. They go up to Fisher's trailer and go inside and find it empty but Deeks, with his amazing detective skills, find a hint. Eric tells the agents that they have footage of the trailer park and one of the people that stand out is Kensi. She visited Fisher. Granger tells Kensi the truth of the Sniper Group that the CIA organized, she is upsets and asks if she's under arrest. Kensi goes up to Hetty and asks if she knew and she says that she didn't. Granger says that if Kensi is responsible for this, then the NCIS team will be disbanded.

Deeks goes to Kensi's home and has coffee for her. He invites himself in and says that there are Federal Agents watching her house. He uncovers a sniper rifle and Kensi says that it is her father's. Kensi wants to know what's going on with the investigation and Deeks tells her that LAPD found out that Blake's car was rigged. Kensi wonders if Deeks really thinks that she rigged the car but Deeks prontly denies it.

You don't think it was... "Not for a second".

So she asks why Granger hasn't arrested her and he tells her that they are hiding the facts from him. She tells him that there are things that she hasn't told him when Deeks' phone rings. He has to bring her in.

You don't think it was... "Not for a second".

Eric and Nell tell Callen and Sam that Alex Harris is the handler of the team. They speculate that Harris could be taking out his old team. Kensi is taken into custody to a secured location and Eric tells the team that he tracked the burner phone that Fisher has been using to a theater district. The team goes to the location and Eric and Nell find out that Kensi has been requesting forms regarding her father's death since she joined and that Granger gave them to her. They wonder why Granger, if he had known for years that Kensi has been looking into the death of her father, hasn't told them.

The NCIS team arrives at the theater and walk around. They run into Fisher, but he fights back. Fisher runs off and rides off. Suddenly, the motorcycle that Fisher is on, explodes. Deeks gives up the phone that Fisher had on him and asks Eric to call the number that was called on the phone. If it was Harris, then they could psych him out and get him to answer. However, when they try, it is no use.

At the safehouse, Kensi asks the agents to get a message to her team, but they tell that it is against protocol. The NCIS team goes to Kensi's computer and finds the files that she had on her system. They find that there are pictures of the Civil Defense Shelter and the note that they have is matching to that of adress. They get to the location and find that it is a bomb shelter. They see that there is a bullet hole in the lock. Harris could be inside.

They find Herris and tell him that they are Federal Agents. He surrenders his gun and they take him into custody. Back at the safehouse, Kensi hits the agents and knocks them unconscious. She leaves. At the boatshed, they interrogate Harris and he says that he will talk, but only to Kensi. He says that it will be at a place and time of his choosing. Granger says that he won't allow it beacause Harris doesn't make the rules and he could try and kill Kensi.

Oh, I thought you believed Kensi was trying to kill him.

The agents tell Granger about the information they know and how he gave Kensi her father's records. Granger accept the meeting but he gets the information that Kensi has escaped.

Kensi walks up to Hetty. She tells her that her past doesn't matter. Hetty tells her that Harries wants to meet her and Kensi agree. Hetty gives her a gun.

A girl has to take steps to protect herself.

Meanwhile, Eric tells Callen and Sam that Granger and Harris were in the same division, so Granger knew everything from the start.

Deeks escorts Harris to the location and tells him that if he harms Kensi, he will make sure that he won't survive. Harris laughs. Harris meets with Kensi and Deeks walks off. Harris makes sure that they are not being watched or followed. Eric is trying to get eyes on them, but they have to wait. Kensi talks to Harris and asks why he killed the men. He says that he didn't. He says that her father was murdered and that the man killing off the team is the same man who killed her father. She asks what the man's name is and he tells her that after the man takes him out, he is coming after her. Harris is shot and Kensi runs but she gets hit and falls down.

To be continued... in 3.17 Blye, K. (2) fanlisting.
Credit: Adaptation from Tv Rage

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